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Mosquito Control

Mid-Sota Mosquito & Tick

Don't put up with mosquitoes and ticks on your Mid-MN property. It’s up to you to take control; stop being harassed by mosquitoes and wood ticks every time you try to enjoy being outside on your deck, patio or in your own backyard. It’s even worse for your defenseless children and dogs, which are easy targets for disease carrying mosquitoes and ticks. Put an end to it, call Mid-Sota Mosquito & Tick, LLC. For just the cost of a daily expresso at your neighborhood coffee shop, you can have your property sprayed to control the mosquitoes and ticks that are ruining your freedom to enjoy the outdoors. You have waited all winter long to get outside and use your deck, enjoy your pool or spa, have backyard barbeques, and let the kids and your dog play in the yard. Don’t let mosquitoes and ticks stop you from enjoying the best time of the year to be outdoors in Minnesota.

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