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Masked Prey is the 30th Prey novel by this Pulitzer Prize winning author. I have read all 30 primarily because for many years they took place in Mn. where Mr. Sanford called home. In recent times, Lucas Davenport, his main character has become a U.S. Marshall which takes him to Washington, D.C. Davenport is known for his toughness and unorthodox methods which get results, but are often very dangerous. He also adds comic relief at times in a very irreverent way.

The story begins with 17 year old Audrey Coil and a classmate working on a video for her blog when they come across another blog titled 1919. It contains candid photos of children of influential Washington politicians outside their schools including Audrey. Along with the photos are vicious political rants from various extremist and radical groups. It's this discovery that causes Lucas Davenport to be summoned to Washington D.C. to investigate this troubling blog.

From this point Lucas and his team investigate a number of Nazi and other right-wing groups hoping to avoid any violence. Needless to say they encounter some very dangerous and life threatening "interviews". Then the situation gets worse when "a number of people in these alt-rights groups have gotten letters suggesting that the meaning of the 1919 group was to encourage somebody to shoot a kid.."

In closing, while this was definitely a good plot it contained way more information about guns and fringe groups than I needed to know. If this is of interest to you - you'll enjoy this book more than I did. I think I mentioned in another review that my definition of a really good read is one that you can't wait to get back to. I could wait...

Happy reading!!




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